Is it just me or is downtown LA just getting better and less terrifying every single day? I mean, yes, in some parts, the urine stench is so intense that you’re pretty sure your whole pH balance has been altered just by walking down an alleyway, but, at least you can walk down an alleyway without getting killed, you know? ANYHOW, holding down some seriously prime real estate in DTLA is BOLD room LA, a multi-purpose creative space that serves as the west coast flagship of the Berlin-based PR and Communications agency.

Located just across the street from the Ace Hotel, BOLD recently played host to an awesome curated pop-up shop/gallery put on by the creative wizards behind Fruitmilk, a crafty collective that exists mostly online, and prides itself on “limited appearances IRL.” Featuring sculptures and objects that blur the line between pragmatism and stylish impracticality, the Fruitmilk installation is a stimulating and inspiring example of the multifaceted creative scene that’s been incubating in Downtown LA. The Fruitmilk exhibition closes this coming Monday. See some of the work below, and follow BOLD LA on instagram for more info about artsy fartsy happenings.



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In order of appearance:

Chris Hanke, Sediment Sherbet

Ben Medansky, Vessel with Extruded Parts

fruitmilk @ BOLD room

Brendan Threadgill, Ghost Candle Holders (leather / cement)

Ben Medansky, Nub

edibles by KARENA CHAN /

David Fritz, designer

Tyler Arrivillaga, The Ace DTLA Karena Chan

Keyla Marquez, designer

Jane Helpern

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