Everyone hates Mondays. Especially a Monday following a Sunday marked by a quarter-life-crisis-induced shopping spree at Agent Provocateur (which I will tell you more about this week). Today is a day that I want to complain more than ever before (because I’m tired, broke, and bloated), but I can’t because it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which means I really need to “put things in perspective.”
So, today I hope you’ll join me in commemorating MLK by being slightly less useless and self-indulgent, and by refraining from saying things like:
I wish my agent understood me
I wish my boss would stop micromanaging me
I wish I had a washer and dryer in my unit
I wish I had a dishwasher in my unit
I wish the weekend was just one more day
You should feel like an asshole if these are the things that you wish for. You know what MLK wished for? EQUALITY.

*Thanks Yasi for the title. (ed. note: you’re welcome, Jane, also thank you for making me feel like a giant, ungrateful asshole)

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