Danny Brown wears Balmain. And Margiela. And Rick Owens. Basically he dresses like I do in my dream world where I have an exorbitant amount of money and boyish hips and a septum piercing (which is probably the only one of these items within my grasp were it not for my pesky nose-rubbing habit). Besides holding the title of biggest lover of avant-garde fashion in hip-hop, Danny Brown is also probably on the best new rappers to emerge in the genre, underground or otherwise, in a long time. One listen to last year’s release XXX and you’ll get an idea of what a multi-layered artist Brown really is (and you’ll probably feel like you did mad Adderall, but you know, in a good way. Plus he’s a depraved awesome weirdo with great hair and a penchant for rapping about going down on girls, basically making him one of the coolest dudes on the planet (in addition to my personal style icon).

(all photos by Sara Nataf)

Here are seven or so questions with DB:

1. Who is your muse?

I don’t have any muse.

1a. No muses? Muse-free?

I’m Mark McNairy’s muse.

2. What is your idea of abject misery?

Being poor.

3. What is your idea of total happiness?

Being rich.

4. If you were a Golden Girl, which Golden Girl would you be?

I would probably be Betty White. I don’t remember her name on the show.

4a. Rose.

Yeah I probably would have been Rose. (laughs).

5. What is something surprising you listen to on the tour bus?

I don’t know if this is surprising, but I listen to a lot of Purity Ring.

5a. I LOVE Purity Ring. When I saw them at FYF, I cried. (I’m a loser).

I just did a remix with them. They’re going to be on my new album.

6. What do you like most about eating pussy?

The girl’s facial expressions.

7. What’s the most important thing for a girl to focus on when sucking dick?

Spit. The amount of saliva that she produces.

7a. Do you prefer her to swallow or spit?

I want to see it. So I’m more of a sprayer.


You can find Danny Brown on Twitter and buy XXX on iTunes.

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