Here are a few reasons this interview with Gabe Fulvimar of Gap Dream turned out sort of terrible (none of them having to do with how incredible and wonderful Gap Dream is or how awesomely interesting Gabe is*):

1. Gabe and I took some acid shortly before this chat.

2. Free rum.

3. It was the fourth day of SXSW and the seventh day since I could remember what day it was.

4. I timed it poorly so that Hanni El Khatib started playing before I could ask any more of my probing, insightful questions (actually this might have worked in the interview’s favor).

5. Danny from Pangea stole my Sharpie (see attached audio clip).

Gap Dream making us cry at Burgermania at SXSW

But because our quality control here at Cultist is on permanent vacation (we won’t even address how anachronistic this piece is) and because Gap Dream is playing tonight with Tomorrow’s Tulips at The Satellite in Silver Lake and I want you all to go and experience the magic that is hearing 58th St. Fingers et al live, here it is. I will do a better one, I promise (emptily).

*Last night Gabe stayed alone in a motel down the street from Burger Records drinking Cokes and watching 2001: A Space Odyssey by himself. You can watch one of the videos below and the rest HERE.

Hello Gabe, how are you doing?

Gabe: I’m doing very well, how are you?


That’s great. I’m great. How has your SXSW been?

G: It’s been very very fun.


What kind of fun?

G: A lot of nice things have happened. I got a lot of free stuff. I got a Jansport backpack. I got a free flask, filled with whiskey, and if I tweet at these people, they bring me more whiskey.


Did you get any blow jobs?

G: (uncomfortable laughter)


Just kidding, anyways, what’s your favorite show you’ve played so far?

G: We played the Austin Psych Fest thing at Hotel Vegas. It was a small room, and there were only a handful of people, and we’re just hitting that point where we’re locking in on each other. It sounded really good. It was really intimate. I actually saw a girl crying during one of our songs.


No way! Which song?

G: It made me almost cry. “58th Street Fingers”.


That’s a great song. I often cry to it.

G: Oh, thank you. I couldn’t even sing the chorus at one point, because I was crying a bit, because I saw her crying. Which is like, so stupid, and against everything I’m about.


What’s the last show you cried at?

G: Thurston Moore at 35 Denton (with his new band Chelsea Light Movement), because my best friend Steve passed away in 2004 from leukemia, and he and I spent a lot of our time in high school listening to Sonic Youth. And just hearing his guitar tone, I had to walk away. I couldn’t watch his set. I couldn’t control myself. It sucked. He didn’t suck, just the situation sucked. But before that I cried at Spiritualized, but I was on Ecstasy though.


I’ve cried every time I’ve seen Pavement.

G: Yeah! I saw Pavement in 1994. Touring off of Wowee Zowee.


Lucky. So what’s the best band you’ve seen at SXSW?

G: The Go. Hands down.



G: Because I have been dying to see any sort of incarnation of that band for about two or three years. Conspiracy Of Owls was a really important album to me. That and King Tuff, those are the two records that inspired me to make music.


Okay, now tell me about your glasses.

G: I actually got them here last year at a bookstore.


Are they prescription?

G: No they’re not, they’re chakra color therapy glasses. These are the yellow ones, they give me confidence, and they help me digest my food.

And this is how the interview ended:

Luckily Gabe found a Sharpie and was able to draw this lovely portrait of himself for us:

You can find Gap Dream on Twitter, Facebook, and at Denny’s. You can buy the excellent self-titled album on Bandcamp, and you can cry for yourself tonight, flyer below:

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