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Upon being presented the opportunity to interview Tim Presley, the one-man in the one-man lo-fi psych-pop outfit White Fence, I went about my usual, professional pre-interview research methods: re-listening to the latest album Cyclops Reap, reading various articles about the band, and most important to my process, carefully scrolling through Tim’s Instagram. The album is of course amazing, the articles are moderately interesting (especially if you like the words “prolific” and “Ty Segall”), but the real discovery here is that the coolest thing about Tim Presley is in fact his cat, Clifford Presley.

Please observe:

Exhibit A

Exhibit A


I tried to secure an interview with Clifford but as of this publication, his representatives asserted he was too busy with as-yet-undisclosed projects to schedule any time for press. Thus, all we were able to get you was Tim.


photo by Angel Ceballos

photo by Angel Ceballos


1. What is your life motto?
Always put salt in your eyes

2. Who is your muse?
It changes for different situations. love-muse, hate-muse…actually, those might be for the same muse.

3. What is your idea of abject misery?
Not being able to pull ideas out of the sky

4. What is your idea of total happiness?
Two Vicodin, a coffee, and singing/playing guitar into a microphone…with wife near me.

5. What is the best quality in a woman?
Understanding their man

6. What is the best quality in a man?
Understanding their woman.

7. Draw a self-portrait:

TP CultistZ



























You can find Tim (and Clifford) on Instagram and follow White Fence on Facebook.


You can also catch White Fence playing this Friday, January 17th with Parquet Courts and Destruction Unit, and if you are VERY lucky and Clifford approves, you can win tickets from us to that show. Click HERE to find out how.


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