The dudes in Beach Party are literally some of the best, and best looking, dudes I have ever met in my life.

The first time I met the bros, James, Rob, Adam and Nico, I literally only remember 40% of an entire weekend. I remember being at a house party in butt fuck nowhere Brooklyn where I made out with a girl to “prove a point” (I’m def straight), James stealing a bottle of vodka, Adam dropping said bottle on the floor of a White Castle, Nico drinking vodka out of the shards,  and Rob attempting to work the counter to serve french fries (unsuccessfully).  Which resulted in a mass banning from White Castle. WHO GETS BANNED FROM WHITE CASTLE? Beach Party do. Also James attempting to sleep in a bank of snow because it looked “soft and cozy”. I also crashed with them on the floor of Hiya Rachey’s apartment, literally on the hardwood floor in between the two mattresses that the guys were on.

But that’s neither here nor there. Not only do these dudes fucking rule at life, they also know their way around a musical instrument. Beach Party are releasing a song every Monday of this month, so if you like bad-ass stoner rock-and-roll do yourselves a god damned favor and check out their Soundcloud here.

You’re welcome.