I want all pop to be goth pop. Actually I kind of want all everything to be goth everything but that’s another story and I’ll tell it to my Livejournal. That being said, Charli XCX is the pop starlet of my dreams. She makes music that is like what witch house would be if witch house wasn’t so incredibly boring, dark electro with fun ’80s elements that is lovelorn but still full of upbeat synth. Her latest release ‘I’ll Never Know’ is today’s BEST SONG EVER because it manages to make me sad, make me want tropical drinks to cure the sadness, and make me picture Robert Smith sunning himself on a tropical island all in one go. Robert Smith at the beach with pina colada: THINK ABOUT IT.

Above is the collage I made depicting what the song means to me (bask in the glow of my artistic genius). You can listen to the track (which was recorded at a session for the Red Bull Catwalk Studio project) below:

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