Here is a blurry photo of Ty wearing a wig and a sombrero and just being generally awesome.

Oh for fuck’s sake Ty Segall can you just stop being the coolest fucking person on the planet? Why do the rest of us even bother getting out of bed in the morning when you’re out there making some of the best music of our generation (via your several different vehicles, including your mind-blowingly amazing new side project Fuzz)? I’m probably just going to put aside my artistic notions and get a job at a coffee shop and devote the rest of my time to just watching you be incredible, especially after hearing this cover you did of T. Rex’s “The Motivator” for record store day. Oh, and what did you call the EP? TY REX 2? The best goddamn name for a T. Rex covers thing ever? (I somehow missed the boat on last year’s Ty Rex 1 because as is becoming painfully obvious, I am hopelessly uncool). You should just be president of the universe already. I will campaign for you while constructing delicious lattes and other espresso-based beverages.

Here’s Ty’s scuzzy, dusky acoustic version of “The Motivator”:

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