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According to a very enlightening artist bio on their Facebook page, DUNE RATS ARE 2 DUDES. And after seeing them play a ripping session with female-fronted Alpine at the Bootleg Theater last night, I can definitely confirm that fact. Specifically, Dune Rats are Danny Beus and BC Michaels of Brisbane, Australia; two good-looking, long-haired, laid-back-as-shit Aussies who like to get fucked up and play music about it. (And in news unrelated to the kind of music they make, Danny has a distractingly-attractive-McJagger-ish-mouth that makes you want to switch places with his microphone.)

One of my few specialties as an amateur music journalist is arbitrarily assessing people’s characters, and projecting my feelings onto them as if they are the dirt bags responsible for breaking my co-dependent teenage heart by jamming with friends on a Friday night instead of staying home with me to talk about future baby names and feelings. (Boohoo.) And today will be no exception. Danny and BC seem like fun-loving dudes with rough edges and surprisingly-good-smelling hair who just want to ditch school and smoke cigarettes and take bong rips and write songs in detention and fuck around in dad’s garage.  These bad boy-heartthrobs with all the flowy locks and tattoos professing love to a disapproving mom, are the kind of harmless troublemakers who set off the high-school fire alarm to cut class and spend the day skateboarding and drinking beers with short-short wearing blonde chicks on the boardwalk.

Ok, but youthful idealism aside, Dune Rats are so much more than a pair of stoner studs who make fuzzy-basement-rager-music. Their most well-known song, aptly named Fuck it, is an anti-anthemic, liberated ode to throwing your hands up and blowing shit off, like steam and your girlfriend. Because, fuck it! And that’s something this control freak (points to self) could learn a thing or to from.

For more DGAF surfer-punk-party-tunes that are sure to make you want quit your day job (if you have one), listen here. Rad photos below.


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