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Nü Sensae is about to be your nü favorite band (see what I did there?). Well, unless your current favorite band is like Blood On The Dancefloor or Falling In Reverse or something, in which case they will probably not even make your shitty top 10. They don’t care though, because they’re real punk rock not some terrible diluted-sponsored-by-Toyota-and-Monster-Energy-Drinks-Warped-Tour-version (although I am sure they would happily take a Corolla and a case of that Tea + Lemonade jam because that shit is delicious). The Vancouver-based trio (made up of vocalist Andrea Lukic, guitarist Brody McKnight, and drummer Daniel Pitout) makes music that is all gunfire-rapid drumming and raw, thundering guitar topped off with vocals that oscillate between throaty, girlish whispers and go-fuck-yourself shrieking. Basically it’s true punk rock dusted with hazy angst, perfect for both angry teenagers and adults who still harbor sullen thirteen year old stowaways in their souls.


In other words, they are fucking awesome.

We interviewed the friendly Canadian trio in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant, because that’s just how we all get down.

Here’s how it went:


1. What is your life motto?
Andrea: Check your Buddha.

Brody: You’re never alone with a cigarette.

Daniel: “If you ain’t in the pit, you ain’t shit!” – Lori Barbero.

2. Who is your muse?
A: Linda Manz in Out Of The Blue.

B: Albert Ayler.

D: Baby Jane and whatever happened to her.

3. What is your idea of abject misery?
A:  Boredom.

B:  Boredom.

D: I don’t like when you have too much on your plate.

4. What is your idea of total happiness?
A:  A bunch of little goats on a mountain.

B: Not being that bored.

D: I think happiness is when you have enough that keeps you productive, but when you have too much you don’t have time…on your hands.

5. What’s the best quality in a man?
A: Cool clothes. Just kidding! Uh…his cowboy hat.

B: Being as slobby as possible.

D: Long hair and big hands.

6. What is the best quality in a woman?
A: I’m trying to think of a woman I like…um…what was that thing? PLUR. Oh wait, I know! Smoker.

B: Being as slobby as possible.

D: I like when women own bars and they’re curmudgeons and maybe the bar is named after them, like Molly’s or something. I think that’s a cool quality. I think more women should aspire to that.

7. Draw a picture of yourself:





**This part wasn’t really part of the interview but it’s too good to leave out.

Daniel, on the topic of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman:
“Put this on the record. I really want someone to knock her dead in the streets. And call me when she’s down, so I can come and just like fucking Jack Ripper that shit. Because I hate her to death.”

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