We heart Nick Waterhouse. Under that grumpy old man exterior there is an awesome old man who loves R&B, cardigans, making really good music, and me (actually the latter is questionable but I like to pretend he’s my best friend while I tell his picture all of my secrets, which isn’t weird at all okay?). Today is a big day for my (not actual) bestie, with the release of his new album Time’s All Gone on Innovative Leisure (available now on iTunes, go buy it we’ll wait) AND the release of his newest video for the song “Some Place”. We helped out in the making of this juicy peach of a video, which involved a lot of drinking fake shots and real beer, molesting middle-aged actors, and hip-hop dancing (which Nick is NOT fond of).

Watch my imaginary BFF show some hard-partying Japanese business men a good time in the video below, and watch out for appearances from our pals Ako and Atiba Jefferson, LA Record editor extraordinaire Chris Ziegler, and this idiot (who was dragged in by the illustrious Phil Pinto, who directed this video and consequently my subtle yet embarrassing cameo which I am now making less subtle by pointing out below k gotta go bye).

AND NOW, THE VIDEO (courtesy of our pals at Urban Outfitters):

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