Yes maybe I love Charli XCX so much I made a collage about her song “I’ll Never Know” and maybe I cried a little (not a lot not like Love Actually levels more like very special episode of Grey’s Anatomy levels) during her performance at the Yours Truly house at SXSW because it was so brilliant, and YES MAYBE I hugged her for about 30 seconds too long when I met her, but you know what? SO WHAT LET ME LIVE. She is a goth-pop princess with an angelic voice and perfect style (and incidentally she is a really good hugger) and she’s pretty much going to be this generation’s Siouxsie so you better get up on her. You can do that on her MySpace, her Facebook, and her Twitter.

Now watch me awkwardly interact her with her below.

ps. The romantic mood lighting was not intentional I SWEAR.