Okay Pixie Geldof. I see what you are doing here. I was already pretty into your whole situation, what with the rad outfits and bleached out crop, plus you seem to have a really fantastic collection of cool boots. And now I see you’re in a band, and I’m sure there are people really hoping it’s going to be bad because there are a lot of fucking losers in this world, but I wanted it to be good and IT IS GOOD (I Secret-ed it). So I get it, PG. You are awesome. Well played, Sir (Bob Geldof is your dad but that’s neither here nor there).

Which is why today’s BEST SONG EVER is “Y.O.U” by Violet (good name btw HOLE 4 EVA). The song is giving me strong 90s vibes in a real Liz Phair/Aimee Mann kind of way, but is sort of dark and vibey as well. It also kind of reminds me of Stephen Malkmus, because of the spare guitars and general dreaminess, and also of sleeping cats, because everything reminds me of cats. It’s a grunge-wave love song and it rules, so I naturally I made a collage about it. You can wonder at my skills and also listen to the track below:

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