We love Kreayshawn. We love her kooky style, her stupidly perfect eyeliner, and her general state of DGAF. We even like that she has so many haters, because they don’t realize they make her matter even more. (Also, they can eat a dick). Plus, I think we have a lot in common actually (not really). We both have black bangs (I had them first), we both love cats (like, a lot), and we both rap (I can’t rap). She was kind enough to have us over to her apartment, and greeted us wearing pink silk pajamas (I hang around my house in bleach-stained XXL sweatpants). We flipped the script on this edition of ’60 Second Stand-Up’ and I told HER a joke, silently praying she would laugh while simultaneously plotting to steal one of her cats under my jacket (just kidding but not really kidding I love cats). Here are the results:
(words by Yasi)