Who says women don’t have a sense of humor? According to ABC News, Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner has introduced a bill requiring men who desire Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors to consult a psychologist and receive information about celibacy before they can get their hands on the stuff. Meanwhile, in other badass female politician news, Illinois state Rep. Kelly Cassidy sponsored a bill that  forces men who want Viagra to watch a nasty video of the drug’s potential side effects (we don’t even want to know), while Virginia state Sen. Janet Howell sponsors a bill that forces all men who want Viagra to get a rectal exam. Ouch!
In the last year alone, 92 laws restricting access to abortion services were passed. Turner notes,“The men in our lives, including members of the General Assembly, generously devote time to fundamental female reproductive issues. The least we can do is return the favor.” “It is crucial that we take the appropriate steps to shelter vulnerable men from the potential side effects of these drugs.” Well Played Ms. Turner, well played.


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