Everyone knows old things are cool. We pay a lot of money for our T-shirts to look and feel like they belonged to our great grandpa who worked on a farm, but also so that they don’t smell like our great grandpa who worked on a farm (sorry gramps). So obviously we love Old Timey Music (OTM) like the kind Nick Waterhouse makes. The bespectacled cutie is 24 going on 84 (in a good way). He even uses fully authentic vintage equipment and prefers to record on vinyl, just ’cause he thinks it sounds better. (He’s right). Remember when we told you that New-Wop was going to be big this year? Well, we’re saying it again, but this time about Mr. Waterhouse. Last weekend I saw his band perform at the Del Monte Speakeasy below the Townhouse Bar in Venice (an old timey venue fitting of OTM) and when I closed my eyes just so, and pretended that I wasn’t surrounded by 1,000 drunk beach bums, I felt like I was back in the old timey times making moonshine and being mad about prohibition. Do you get it yet? IT’S OLD TIMEY. And we love it. (You can carry our books to the malt shoppe anytime, Nick. Well not mine, I have a boyfriend. But Yasi’s, sure).

You can find more of NW’s music on his Myspace and follow his charming musings on Twitter. Now here are a few photos of Nick looking cute in his glasses and doing his old soul white boy thing on stage.

Jane Helpern

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