Back when I was in a relationship (many moons ago), one of the many features of dating me was the little pie chart doodles I used to make reflecting upon how I spent my time each day. Now that I sleep alone, dear readers, I give YOU “What My Feelings Taste Like”, a chart of the emotions I have consumed in food form this week (according to the amount of times I have THOUGHT about eating them).

1) Strawberry Milkshake (Jack In The Box, Saturday Night)
2) Burrito (Pinches Tacos, Friday Lunch)
3) Mozzarella Sticks (Consumed with above milkshake)
4)Burgers (Sunday Afternoon, Lunch; Thursday Night, Second Dinner)
5) Grilled Cheese (Monday Lunch, Wednesday Lunch)
6) Twix Bar (King Size, Tuesday Night, Thursday Night)
7) Pizza (I always consider eating pizza; Sunday Night-or Monday morning, depending on your perspective)
8) Pho (Tuesday Lunch, Wednesday Dinner)
9) Cookies (Monday Mid Day, Wednesday Mid Day, Thursday Midnight)
10) French Fries (Wednesday Lunch, Thursday Second Dinner)