With Valentine’s Day looming and my lingerie budget slightly less than Jane and Yasi’s I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own lingerie. Except I don’t really know how to sew. And lace is expensive. But you know what isn’t? Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit By The Foot. (ed note: also, delicious).  Below you will find relatively simple instructions to make your own edible underwear for under $7 (that’s less that a pack of cigs!).


What You’ll Need:

-A box of Fruit Roll-Ups

-A box of Fruit By The Foot

-Rolling Pin

-Cutting Board

-Scissors or kitchen shears
1.   I attempted to make a pattern (thank you Project Runway) by laying out a bra and loosely tracing.

2.  I cut out the ‘pattern’ and laid it flat on the Fruit Roll-Up and traced it onto the plastic backside of the Fruit Roll-Up.

3.    I doubled the Fruit Roll-Ups up to ensure the cups were even and cut them out with a pair of kitchen shears  (I tried a knife, didn’t work nearly as well).

4.   I unrolled a Fruit By The Foot and wrapped it around my body to ensure it was the correct length and cut of the excess.
5.    I laid the bra cups on top of the Fruit Roll-Ups (measured the distance between my cups with my fingers) and used a rolling pin to stick them together (if you don’t have a rolling pin you can use a can of soup to do this).

6.    I repeated steps 4 & 5 to make the straps of the bra.

7. I peeled off the wrapping on all the fruity goodness and delicately drapped my new candy treat over the front of my body.

8. I clasped the bottom together and then each of the straps by firmly pressing the straps together. Let’s be honest, this isn’t staying on long.

9.   Finally I let my boyfriend dig in!