Larry went to Berserktown II to check out some music and report back for Cultist. She can’t actually type, so there’s no actual reporting, but there are these adorable polaroids with some of the who’s who of the fest. They would have been up sooner except Larry kind of sucks at using a scanner.


Loke LFY Alex

Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches and Loke Rahbek of Lust For Youth who had never held a dog in his life until this very moment.

Hannes LFY

Hannes Norrvide of Lust For Youth is Swedish and has held many dogs.

Total Control

Larry <3 Total Control.

John Dwyer

“John Dwyer is scary”

Wax Idols

Wax Idols played Larry’s favorite set of the festival.

Speedboat Jock

International fashion icons Speedboat and Andrew Flores aka Jock Club (collectively known as White Boys)

Haruka Big Love

Haruka of Big Love Records and Larry in a cute-off. (It’s a tie).

Josie Greg

Josie and Greg Vand of Din are also cat lovers.

Julia Nowak

Poet and Oath singer Julia Nowak met Larry on Instagram.

Mish Way

Mish Way of White Lung with a loving choke hold.

Yasi Alex Milk Music

Mom and Alex Coxen of Milk Music, one of Larry’s most played bands on Spotify (after Gin Blossoms).

Yasi Salek

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