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Every week leading up to Berserktown II, we will be posting a Seven Questions interview with a band playing the fest. This week: Zig Zags. Last week: Silent Servant

We’ve talked about the band Zig Zags a lot around here, mostly because they make the kind of Lemmy-loving, pussyfooting-free rock n’ roll that we love, but also partly because we think frontman Jed Maheu is funny (looking). He’s not really funny like haha, as evidenced by his new podcast “Jedbanger’s Ball”, but he sure does try (you can listen to the episode I was on HERE). Luckily he doesn’t tell jokes on stage (actually he might, but I guarantee people do not like them); he shreds while wearing sleeveless shirts. If you like Sabbath or getting stoned or rocking out heavily (or any combination of the three), this new track from Zig Zags will be right up your alley. “Slime” is as awesome as Jed is not funny! Be sure to catch the band and Jed’s stand up act at Berserktown in two weeks.

Here’s our 7 questions:

What is your life motto?

Live it. It’s tattooed on my chest. I stole it from Lars of the Intelligence. It’s also the tagline for that show Entourage

Who is your muse?

His name is Randy. He is like Eddie, or Vic Rattlehead, or Snaggletooth, or Chaly, or Milo

What is your idea of abject misery?  

I had to look up “abject” but now that I know what the word means I’ll say “High School”

What is your idea of total happiness? 

Road trip on the coast with girlfriend and dog!

What is the best quality in a woman?

Patience? Intelligence? Is there a right answer? Can you just tell me what I’m supposed to say?

What is the best quality in a man?

Humor. Non funny man is worthless. [Ed Note: the irony]

What bands are you most excited to see at Berserktown?

Dead Moon, Royal Trux, Power Trip, Gun Outfit(we share a practice space and I never seen em) Royal Headache, Akitsa pretty much everything cause i’m just curious about all the bands.

Draw a self-portrait: 


Catch Zig Zags at Berserktown II at the Observatory in Santa Ana on Saturday August 15th, alongside Fucked Up, Power Trip, No Hope For The Kids, Body of Light, and more! Flyer below, buy tickets HERE. Full tour dates below as well.



8/4 SF @ The Hemlock

8/5 Reno The Holland Project

8/6 Portand The Know

8/8 Seattle Pizza Fest Seattle

8/11 Eugene Barnlight

8/12 Concord, CA House Party

8/15 Santa Ana @ Beserktown

29/09/2015 SP – Barcelona – Rock Sound

30/09/2015 SP – Bilbao – TBC

01/10/2015 SP – Oviedo – Lata de Zinc

02/10/2015 SP – Madrid – But

03/10/2015 SP – San Sebastian – Dabadaba

04/10/2015 SP – TBA

05/10/2015 FR – Toulouse – Ravelins

06/10/2015 FR – Paris – Mecanique Ondulatoire

07/10/2015 FR – Nantes – Stereolux

08/10/2015 FR – Bordeaux – RockSchool Barbey

09/10/2015 FR – Lorient – Le Galion

10/10/2015 FR – Lyon – Marché Gare

11/10/2015 DE – Karlsruhe – Alte Hackerei

12/10/2015 DE – Hamburg – Hafenklang

13/10/2015 DE – Berlin – Bei Ruth

14/10/2015 DE – Wurzburg – Cafe Cairo

15/10/2015 AT – Vienna – Eternal Lazer

16/10/2015 AT – Innsbruck – PMK

17/10/2015 DE – Stuttgart – Gold Mark

18/10/2015 DE – TBA

19/10/2015 SZ – Praha – Klub 007 Strahov

20/10/2015 CS – Novi Sad – TBA

21/10/2015 CS – Belgrad – KC Grad

22/10/2015 HR – Zagreb – Klub

23/10/2015 CH – Lugano – El Cassotto

24/10/2015 CH – Rorschach – Treppenhaus

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