Ducktails is the dreamy solo art rock music project of Matt Mondanile, sometimes known as the guitarist of indie pop band Real Estate. Ducktails formed around 2006 and has created four albums and six EPs over the years – each individually divine and experimental as fuck. In my imagination, Ducktails makes lo-fi bedroom pop from a computer nestled in the clouds. I highly recommend this music as a perfect addition to your afternoon smoke sesh, long road trips, or as an aid to help you drift off to dream land late at night.

While it certainly dabbles in dream pop, it’s hard to specify an exact genre for most of the recordings Ducktails has put out. However, Wikipedia has done a great job of inventing some in a dire attempt to place them into any category they can conjure up: “woozy, horizontal pop” and “chillwave” being my two favorites. Not because they are the most outlandish, but because honestly…that’s kind of exactly what it sounds like.

Ducktails’ new album St. Catherine was released July 24th on Domino Recordings. The new album is a lot cleaner and a lot less lo-fi, yet still features a distinct dream pops sound, all the while carrying the funky, groovy elements he introduced in his last album The Flower Lane.

Fans of Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Panda Bear, and Mac Demarco will love it. Check out Matt’s answers to our 7 Questions in Heaven then order the new album here and catch a show on the USA tour this month (dates below).

What is your life motto?

To have a good time while creating art and music and feeling satisfied.

Who is your muse?

Beautiful Women.

What is your idea of abject misery?

Going to jail or having no friends.

What is your idea of total happiness?

The way I feel right now. I feel accomplished, busy and happy

What is the best quality in a woman?

Sense of humor.

What is the best quality in a man?

Strong willed.

What bands are you most excited to see at Berserktown?

Royal Trux, Bill Kouligas, Helm, Itasca. [Ed Note: I left this question in accidentally in from the Berserktown series but apparently Matt is going and is as excited as we are!]

Draw a self-portrait:

Picture me on Google Images.

(we did):

Screen shot 2015-08-03 at 3.27.02 PM



You can find Matt Mondanile on Twitter