Every week leading up to Berserktown II, we will be posting a Seven Questions interview with a band playing the fest. This week: Silent Servant. Last week: White Lung


I don’t know about you, but if I had a servant, I would definitely not want a silent one. The whole point of a servant (besides servant-y things) is to provide a constant backdrop of wit and cheekiness with quiet yet firm moral undertones, a la Geoffrey on Fresh Prince of Bel Air or Woodhouse on Archer. Anyway I guess Juan Mendez, the Los Angeles musician and DJ also known as Silent Servant, isn’t really into being served bold wisecracks and sassy domestic realness. What he is into, though, is crafting cold, dark, minimalist electronic music with a post-punk slant, not-so-silently serving after-hours club-goers and shadow-dwellers with genre and boundary pushing music that will get even the most unflappable on their feet and dancing the early morning away, even if they don’t make a sound while doing so.


I asked Mendez our seven questions:

What is your life motto?


Who is your muse?

Karl O’Connor

What is your idea of abject misery?

Losing One’s Sanity.

What is your idea of total happiness?

Sleeping with my dogs Gizmo & Teddy Boy

What is the best quality in a woman? 

Subtle confidence.

What is the best quality in a man? 


What bands are you most excited to see at Berserktown? 

White Boys

Draw a self-portrait:



Catch Silent Servant at Berserktown II at the Observatory in Santa Ana on Saturday August 15th, alongside Fucked Up, Power Trip, Lust For Youth, Jock Club, and more! Flyer below, buy tickets HERE


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