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Every week leading up to Berserktown II, we will be posting a Seven Questions interview with a band playing the fest. This week: Wax Idols. Last week: Milk Music.

Since our primary concern here at Cultist is objectivity and journalistic integrity, I’m going to recuse myself from writing this intro paragraph to the interview with Hether Fortune of Wax Idols, as she is also Hether Fortune of lives downstairs in my house. JUST KIDDING! I don’t give a fig about “objectivity” or “integrity” or “copy-editing” or whatever else all those square music sites blither on about. (I just wanted to say the word “recuse” because I’ve been watching a lot of Law and Order lately). Even though sometimes she shows up in the kitchen looking like it’s her first day at Hogwarts academy and is constantly at the arcade for no discernible reason, Hether Fortune is still one of my favorite current musicians, and her soon-to-be-released album is a thing of goth-pop wonder and beauty. The album title hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m here to spill the beans: It’s called Yasi’s Magic Smile. Seriously this shit is about to blow your wigs back, between Hether’s incredible musicianship (this bitch plays like six instruments yet can’t remember what day the trash goes out), deft ability to create incredibly catchy pop melodies, and affinity for the macabre, she’s created a diverse, multi-dimensional album that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions (I like to think my PMS days had a strong influence on the record but most likely it was Real Housewives of New Jersey, Hether’s favorite TV show).  The album is slated for release in early October.

hether potter

Here’s an interview with Harry Potter I mean Hether Fortune:

1. What is your life motto?

What other people think of me is none of my business.

2. Who is your muse?

They come and go. (Ed Note: She’s lying, it’s obviously me)

3. What is your idea of abject misery?

An eternal winter in a dismal rural midwestern town listening to a Mumford & Sons song that never ends.

4. What is your idea of total happiness?

Never having to do anything other than make records, perform, & sit on an island in Greece with my cat.


5. What is the best quality in a woman?

A what?

6. What is the best quality in a man?

A what?

7. What bands are you most excited to see at Berserktown?

Total Control, Dead Moon and Damien Dubrovnik

8. Draw a self-portrait: 


Catch Wax Idols at Berserktown II at the Observatory in Santa Ana on Friday August 14th, alongside Thee Oh Sees, Total Control, Destruction Unit, Antwon, and more! Flyer below, buy tickets HERE. Full tour dates below as well.


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