We haven’t yet gotten a chance to interview our new obsession, Toronto/Brooklyn artist Lydia Ainsworth, but when the time comes for us to meet, you can bet we’ll be prepared with questions.  The composer/producer/singer has been making orchestral, enchanting, haunting, cinematic songs on Arbutus Records (home to Grimes); songs like “Hologram” off of her recently released album Right From Real, that we can only imagine will one day be on the soundtrack to an award-winning indie film involving at least one tortured artist, a heartbreak, a tragic death, a magical forest, and several billowy, ghostly dresses (she’s already scored a number of films, including one for Matthew Lessner, her “Malachite” music video director). In anticipation of our not-yet-scheduled, completely hypothetical interview with the fantastic and phantasmal Ainsworth, we’ve put together a list of very important questions for her. Lydia, if you’re reading this, we’ll email you!

1) How come your voice is so magic?
2) What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
3) What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
4) Have you ever put a spell on anyone, intentionally or unintentionally?
5) If you could score a film about anything, what would it be?
6) What are your three favorite films of all time?
7) How many times have you watched The Hours?
8) People overuse use the term “experimental” in general, and then a lot while describing you. Do you feel like your “experimental?” And if so, what are you “experimenting” with.
9) When you close your eyes and envision  your music as something physical and tangible––as an object you can see and feel––what comes to mind?


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