Do you think there will ever be a decade when Calvin Klein isn’t setting the gold standard for most sex drive inducing ad campaign ever? God, I hope not. With their latest promotional film for CK One, featuring an almost-naked Petra Collins, Dev Hynes, Soko, and just about every other free-lovin’ tumblr baby you’ve ever imagined spending a lazy Sunday summer afternoon entwined under the clean white sheets with, Calvin Klein is hanging on tight(ie whitie) to first place provocateur.

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Shot by the legendary Mario Sorrenti, the fragrance spot stays true to CK’s iconic undie-roots, while capitalizing on the infamous Instagram generation’s narcissistic commitment to thy selfie. With a dedicated tumblr page and an equally me-centric hashtag of #Ckmeforme, the voyeuristic ad campaign blurs all the lines between public and private and straight and gay and what is traditional advertising these days anyway?

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Though I think at one point this would have been shocking, or deemed ‘risqué’ and ‘inappropriate’ by some aging marketing executive, in summer of 2014 I really just feel enticed and turned on by the laid-back, un-retouched, raw and intimate quality of it. Like you just want to climb in bed and have a sexy slumber party with all your partially nude ‘It’ girls and friends. I’m all desensitized to Petra Collins’ tits and like “NBD threesomes.” Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but….

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What are your thoughts?

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