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You know what I love? Yes, french fries, and yes, also baby goats, and yes, okay the television drama Nashville, but aside from all that? I love driving music. I love the kind of album you can put on in its entirety to soundtrack aimless driving, preferably at night, most preferably through winding roads and hills with sweeping views of city lights and city sorrows. There’s something about being alone in your car with the entire city pulsing quietly below you that makes you feel both more and less alone. This particular feeling requires the right score, music that also makes you feel that way, isolated but enveloped at the same time. Calvin Love makes music like this.

The Edmonton-bred “bedroom punk” makes dark-pop that relies pretty heavily on contrasts, or at least that’s what almost every review says (they also mention lots of other descriptive words that essentially mean nothing but give everyone a feeling that they’re being quite intelligent when they say things like “pop-noir” and “Miami-Vice-revival”). Anyway I’m garbage at describing music so I’ll just say Calvin Love makes good music for lonesome evening drives (and probably lonesome and not so lonesome sexual encounters).

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Here are his answers to our seven questions:

 1. What is your life motto?
A Lust for Life.

2. Who is your muse?
My girlfriend.

3. What is your idea of abject misery?
A frustrated, uninspired comfort zone.

4. What is your idea of total happiness?
A nomadic life, love, & living off your art.

5. What is the best quality in a woman?

6. What is the best quality in a man?
Perseverance & Integrity.

7. Draw a self-portrait:


You can find Calvin Love on Facebook, on Twitter, and driving around in a van for a long time while humming his own music (I like to imagine), on tour with Mac DeMarco and Meatbodies. Dates below:



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