You know how when you watch an old movie, like say something with Lauren Bacall in it, and afterwards you find yourself speaking a bit more deeply and saying things like “What’s the big idea here?” and gravitating towards high-waist trousers and impractical hats (okay so maybe I watched The Big Sleep the other night and maybe I am currently typing this while wearing a pill box hat with a little fancy veil…maybe)? Well this new music video for the track “Plastic” from Toronto-based minimalist post-punk duo Ice Cream is kind of like that, except it makes you want to slink around your room wearing nothing but a fur coat and disco platforms, clinking ice around in a glass of whiskey while doing a private little sexy rebellion dance (not that I did that after I watched it…but okay I did that after I watched it).

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 4.57.33 PM


Watch the debauched and sort of demented video below:



And here is the SoundCloud for those of you who are not visually inclined:

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