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One fateful Spring day when I was a bright-eyed 21 year old hip-hop fan/burgeoning music journalist (by way of former Sacramento graffiti culture magazine Vapors may it rest in peace), I went to the W Hotel in New York City to interview Jim Jones. This was just after the release of Diplomatic Immunity II, at the very height of Dipset fervor, and I nearly puked I was so nervous. Jim laid sprawled out on the bed wearing a wife beater, sunglasses, and a lot of diamonds, and I (having declined his offer to sit on said bed) sat nervously in an arm chair clear across the room, knowing that this was probably the best moment of my Dipset-loving life.

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I was wrong. Today, more than ten years after my ballin’ hang out with Jim, the music video for a track off the forthcoming A-Trak/Cam’ron collaborative EP Federal Reserve was released. The song starts off with Cam musing, “They never thought they’d see this again (adorable laugh)” and guess what? I DIDN’T. Not only does the clip feature a fantastic verse from Juelz Santana (who is looking a lot like he was 19 and lived a crazy life…40 years ago), but also features co-production from Just Blaze (how do you feel when you hear that “Just Blaaaaaaze” drop? Because I feel something akin to what you feel the few seconds before you orgasm) and a ranty verse from…Dame Dash? The video, directed by Ricky Saiz,  is filled with all sorts of other magic, including but not limited to: Cam’s full length fur coat, my old pal Jim Jones hanging out up in the club, and cameos by Venus X, Chromeo, and…Cat Power (so much wow).

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Also the song is called “Dipshits”, as in “It’s still Dipset you dipshits.” Dying. Dead. If you need me I’ll be brushing off my Air Max 90s and searching frantically for my own airbrushed Killa Cam t-shirt (it’s my birthday May 19, in case anyone is last minute shopping). Watch the video, via Complex, below:


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