Don’t Panic is a series of Polaroids taken by me, Rachelyn Remz (32/F/New York), of the magical unicorns that grace my every day life. Note: you should, in fact, probably panic.

(Film courtesy of The Impossible Project)alex

Wax Witches Alex Wall against a wall…

wax witchesLiam O’Brien, Wax Witch number 2!

CameronNext time we see Cameron he will be married! (Audacity)

Kyle AudacityKyle Giving a shout out to our homies Meat Market (Audacity)

MattMatt is the best little bro :) (Audacity)

ThomasThomas, looking super happy! (Audacity)

(Note these 4 hooligans were frisked by cops.  NYC loves you Audacity!)

FunkleThe Funkiest Unkle and the BEST simpsons T (White Fang)

JimmyJimmy risking 7 years bad luck for our camera (White Fang)

KyleCool Dude puddle of fuzz.  Kyle is the best man! (White Fang)


DAKDak on his Bday (Weird Womb)

JohnnyHeeeeeere’s Johnny! (Weird Womb)

ParisiParisi, shortly after we made him assist us in the kitchen (Weird Womb)

ReevesThe Main Dude Reeves (Weird Womb)

james and santaJames and Metal santa, so very creepy

jordanBeauty beauty Jordan Robin Beauty

jp and bcBC and JP keeping it real real

langley and zeeZ and Langley, splendor in the grass

yaschadryThe 2nd best text I got this weekend.  Yasi also texted me a pic of baby platypus’ in fedoras which melted my brain. (Yasi, Chad and Ryan, 3 of the best things on earth!)

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