Since moving back to Minneapolis in May after roughly five years spent living in California, it has almost been like moving to a whole new place. While a lot of the places I hung out as a snot-nosed teenager were missing, mostly shitty punk and party houses, some new and arguably better spaces had opened in their place.

One of these places is (redacted). Nobody I talk to seems to know who technically owns the space; and I’m not at liberty to disclose any details about its location. The most I’ve been able to gather is that there is a monthly planning committee, in which parties and events and art shows are proposed and approved or denied.

The range of parties has been great. The freaks always show up. The outfits are crazy. One party was a disco blood bath. I saw a screening of mommie dearest here one afternoon. I’ve heard rumors of mud-wrestling nights. Some of our city’s most exciting bands, djs, and producers have played shows there. Some nights it’s sparse, other nights it’s wall-to-wall packed.

It’s one of those weird zeitgeist places, attracting a strata of random people from different walks of life, different social circles. While the space has a predominantly queer populace, as the months have passed, it seems just about everybody ends up there, with nobody ever knowing quite how. Mostly, I hear about parties via text message or word of mouth on the night of.

It’s one of those places you never want to forget your camera for. You never know what crazy shit you’re going to see. It’s been a pleasure to photograph.

These images are from an ongoing project about the DIY-queer scene in Minneapolis, and some will be featured in my upcoming zine.











Alexander Uhrich is a Minneapolis-based photographer with an excellent propensity for growing facial hair. You can see more of his work HERE.