I would pay $50 to see Antwon. Let me rephrase: If I had $50, I would spend it on seeing Antwon (I spend most of my money on word games for my iPhone and El Pollo Loco and red wine because my life is basically an unwritten Bridget Jones sequel). The adorable San Jose rapper is like the second coming of Kool Keith, digging deep into his personal bag of darkness and weird for music that is anything but typical of hip-hop in general: inspired by hardcore and noise punk, rife with sexually provocative (but not misogynistic) lyrics, and just downright protean in its genre-bending (I linked the word protean to its definition so even if you don’t win this contest, you won some beautiful vocabulary knowledge, and yes, you’re welcome).

Luckily you don’t have to pay $50, or any dollars! You can win tickets from your best pals here at Cultist (who would probably accept a $50 bribe for the tickets in order to fund our expensive smart phone word game habit, were it not for things like morality and honesty and IHEARTCOMIX–would-kill-us). We have two pairs of tickets for the LE1F, Antwon, Lakutis, and Shadow Runners show this Friday in Los Angeles, and you can win them.


1) Follow us @cultistzine and @IHEARTCOMIX on Twitter.

2) Tweet us and tell us why you should be chosen over the millions of others entering to win a pair of tickets to this show.

3) Patiently wait, lighting candles and building shrines and consulting your tarot cards, until we announce the winner via Twitter on 10/10.


And because I have an unbreakable devotion to bad Photoshop work, here is this:

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