Wednesday night’s free Youth Code record release at Complex was a sweaty massacre of the senses, hammered down upon us by Sara Taylor and Ryan George, who, throughout the duration of their set, screamed and threatened and released primal noises that made us further resent our utter lameness, rue our vocal restrictions, and shame our pitiful attachment to comfort. Rick Rodney was all up in the mix, having his head used as a human staircase in an effort to immortalize the chaos in pictures for you princes and princesses who missed it. Follow Youth Code in all of its hostile distortion on Facebook, listen on bandcamp, and pick up a physical copy of the record at Vacation Vinyl. You can also read a legit review of their insanely energetic, industrial and frenetic EP here. (Not discounting our legitimacy, but I acknowledge our limitations).

all photos by Rick Rodney. Give credit, fuckers.



Photos by Rick Rodney 


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