It’s weird how memories work, like how they commandeer you when you least expect it usually when you are driving at night and outside everything is dark and quiet because you’re in the canyons (and you momentarily understand the Counting Crows song “Long December”) and somehow as you’re driving through the dark and the quiet, the dark and the quiet in your mind gives rise to vivid scenes, some of which you may not wish to screen in the movie theater of your brain but it doesn’t matter because you’re not in charge of this show, the memories are. And then somehow you are driving and there are memories of driving and it becomes so meta you forget which car you’re in, the one you are actually in or the one you are in with that person you have tried to forget but who keeps popping up in the passenger seat, sometimes laughing at what you put on the CD player, sometimes resting a hand on your thigh while looking out the window, and sometimes just sleeping while you alternate between looking at the road and looking to your right, knowing every car ride ends but wishing this one never would, so you keep driving in the dark and quiet until the screen in your mind flickers and fades and there’s only dark and quiet left.

That’s probably not what this new Veronica Falls song “Teenage” is about but that’s what it made me think about and write about and collage about. It’s off their forthcoming album Waiting For Something To Happen and if the rest of the album is as good as this song I will probably be spending many hours of my life listening to it, most likely in the car.

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