Welcome to CharliXCXandBrookeCandy.com I mean Cultistzine.com JUST KIDDING kind of not really. Look, it’s not our fault that these two girls keep putting out some of the coolest shit we have seen in a while okay? It’s our duty to cover it. The candle-lit shrines and stuff in our houses, well those parts are mostly optional but that’s neither here nor there.

Besides making some of the best goth pop I’ve heard since Siouxsie, Charli XCX is proving to be almost equally as skilled at making killer mixtapes, as evidenced by her release earlier this year of the awesome “Heartbreaks And Earthquakes” (complete with Cruel Intentions audio sample). This is FURTHER evidenced by the 9,457 plays said mixtape has had on my computer to date. Just when my iTunes was about to declare mutiny, I received word that Charli would be putting out a brand new mixtape on Nov 7th (my iTunes is currently hanging its head in dread) called Super Ultra Mixtape and today is now the best day ever as not only is it my favorite holiday, it is also the day the first track from the mixtape was released.

On “Cloud Aura” Charli teams up with another Cultist fav Brooke Candy, she of the eye-catching shiny metal ensemble in the Grimes video for “Genesis”, for a song that is about heartbreak and revenge and being cold (that last bit is probably meant to be metaphorical but I like the idea of songs about body temperature). While it’s not my typical choice of sad song (I have a whole playlist of those and it might include a bit too much Mazzy Star and MAYBE some Get Up Kids MAYBE) it does still act as electro-weird salve on my perennially broken heart. Brooke’s rap verse might be a bit too cray for some (the Chris Brown mention is questionable at best) but bits like “I was the Queen B, and you were like my Jay-Z/You were the only one who held me down when I was acting crazy” are pure poetry.

Also if you want a snarky review, go read Pitchfork. This is a fan zine, we don’t have time to use big words to put down people who are making stuff. Sorry.

Instead, we make collages (see above).

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