My mom might say that the fact that I spend my time at parties called things like Homo-Ween is probably aiding in my not-married-ness, and she is probably right but I don’t care because Homo-Ween at Los Globos in Silverlake this past Saturday was pretty much the perfect Halloween party: there were insanely over-the-top costumes, dance-demanding sets by AB Soto and House of Ladosha, and a performance by SSION that had the entire room bouncing and swaying and singing and handing him puppies (okay only one dude handed him a puppy and it was super weird and uncomfortable actually but still it happened). Oh and we got shirts that say FAG OUT shirts which we never knew we wanted and now never want to take off ever. So sorry Mom, but Homo-Ween was totally worth potentially dying alone.

Here are some photos by Rick Rodney:

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