This may seem biased because the lead singer of White Lung is a Cultist contributor and friend (hiiii Mish) but you know what? I DON’T CARE. This song is fucking awesome and if I want to sing it from the blog-tops (and make a creepy collage about it), I damn well will. In today’s musical landscape, rife with Mumford and his sons and all sorts of fruit-wave (a term Rachey coined to describe bands that sing winsomely about orchards and produce, or sound like they might perform in a barn), music like the sort  Vancouver outfit White Lung makes is like a good hard slap in the face of lameness. It is music that speaks to my often angry heart, unapologetic and blood-thirsty and riotgrrrl-ish and melodic and more than anything, punk. In the truest, fuck-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-in-on (okay that horse saying is not very punk but let me live) sense of the word.

“Hunting Holiday” is so good for me right now. It’s so good I made a collage about it. It is stoking the flames of my rage and I need that (see: fiery anime girl in collage). It makes me want to take a baseball bat (or a knife or a gun or maybe one of those clubs with spikes all over it) to all of my leftover anxiety and self-doubt. Because you know what? Sometimes being angry is good. Sometimes anger is the power you need to change things (without actually hurting anyone, we here at Cultist don’t condone violence kiddies). This song makes me want to change things (and also concurrently break things), and you know what? Change, like White Lung, is good (and it’s always fun to end on a cliche!).

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Here is the track:

And here is my glorious artistic masterpiece:

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