Here is the part where I attempt to talk about the band Hunters without sounding like an obsessive fan kid, and forthwith fail miserably: The New York-based duo is THAT COOL. Between Isabel Almeida’s adorable Brazilian accent and cotton candy pink hair and Derek Watson’s cerebral metal head steez and completely disarming wit, I’m pretty much ready to back a duffel bag and follow them around the country like those gross hippies do with Phish (except with much less hemp accoutrement). Oh yeah, did I mention that their recently released first EP Hands On Fire puts most of the other music I have heard this year to bed with a story and a soft kiss on the forehead? That elaborate metaphor is my way of telling you that their brand of rabid dance punk will have you anger-jamming all over your bedroom (possibly involving some epic sock-sliding) and if you are anything like me, you will probably listen to it every single day on repeat while learning every single word and singing both their parts like a fucking weird weirdo.


I interviewed them and not-so-subtly tried to make them my best friends with bribes of popcorn and beer (I am not above buying friendship). Also, this edition of Seven Questions In Heaven actually has eight questions because their response to my casual inquiry as to how they met was so mind-blowingly awesome, it could not be omitted (plus this is my site and I make the goddamn rules, okay?). However I realize they gave Spin a completely different answer to that same question so now I suspect they are compulsive liars which only makes me love them more.


(all photos by Matt McGinley)

Here we go:

1. How did you guys meet?

Derek: We were both working at this place in Midtown that you turn rock music into like classical music for the elevator. They put me on the worst possible things. There was like a testing ground, so I was like working on changing a Nickleback song into a Nicklebach song. It was atrocious.

We bonded because we both got put on that project. It was awful because you have to listen to their music constantly and then try to interpret it into a harpsichord or some weird synth or something they will accept as what they’re going to play in an elevator. Anyway, that’s how we met.


2. Who is your muse?

D: Isabel

I: Aww. Derek, I have to say or else I’m an asshole.

D: You don’t have to say that!

I: What? You are!


3. What is your life motto?

D: Have a good time all the time.

I: Eat nachos every day.

D: Actually I’d like to take that one too. Put mine and that one together.


4. What is the best quality in a man?

D: Femininity. If someone’s too one sided and doesn’t have another aspect to their personality I think it’s kind of boring.

I: Fun.


5. What is the best quality in a woman?

D: I can’t say fun. But I would say unpredictability.

I: I would say fun too. But when I say fun I mean someone who is looking at life in a way that they really want to have and they are a positive person and they’re funny and they make you laugh. I think those are important qualities in both men and women.


6. What is your idea of abject misery?

D: A world without popcorn, right now. And not having friends and family and music and things that you can be creative doing.

I: Jail.

D: I think jail would be pretty miserable.


7. What is your idea of total happiness?

D: If I could be a professional wrestler.


7a. What do you like about wrestling?

D: I grew up loving it and I just think it’s so over the top and ridiculous and they get to act out all these completely ludicrous stories. And I’d of course not want to be someone the fans liked, I’d want to be someone everyone hated. That would be way more fun. That would be total happiness.

I: Touring all the time. Because I love traveling and I love playing shows. Playing shows to me is the most fun I can ever have. Even if I’m having a bad day, as soon as the show starts I get really stoked and happy. And tour you get to play every night. So I’d be happy.


8. Draw a picture of yourself:

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