Let’s not sugarcoat it, my concept of a love song is more in tune with what some would call a break-up song (Ed note: Some being mostly all). But lately, serendipitously, my heart has been filled with birds and flowers. Someone cranked up the dial on my emotions, and all the moths in my stomach have begun to feel like butterflies. Perhaps it was the extra-curricular activities I did in Palm Springs, or perhaps it’s the vicarious glow of emotional well-being I am absorbing from my friends, but I am feeling like as April turns to May, my general apathy is turning into positive vibes (and you know, hope and anticipation and all that other gushy crap). So, in that spirit (I guess) I give you my spring cleaning mix (you know, closet, mind, heart…all that good stuff). They are mostly love songs: some love songs I sing to myself, and some I sing to the future white knight I think will ride around the corner any time now. Of course, since it’s me, some probably aren’t that loving after all…

Live and love here.

  1. Countdown- Beyonce
2. Closer- Nine Inch Nails
3. A Brief History of Love- The Big Pink
4. Take Care- Beach House
5. Romeo Had Juliette- Lou Reed
6. Man Without Ties- Paul Westerberg
7. Sweet Thing- Van Morrison
8. Here- Pavement
9. Whole Wide World- Wreckless Eric
10. Pom Pom- Matthew Dear
11. The Exception- Royal Trux
12. Take Care- Drake, Rihanna
13. Shake It Out- Florence + The Machine
14. Champagne Coast- Blood Orange
15. Like A Friend- Pulp