I am obsessed with Trust. Not the virtue (which is perfectly nice), but the electro-goth duo from Toronto. For lack of a better word, they are creeeeepy. They are creepy, creepy goth people whose music makes my body undulate and throb and desire. When I first heard “Candy Walls” I died 400 times and came back to life as a sexy specter to haunt my grieving lover. Not the scary kind of spirit, the romantic kind, looking sad and pretty and wearing white lace and stuff. This song is just so deep and delicious and infinite, much like I imagine a real candy wall to be. I’m not sure what a candy wall is even, but I want to consume it until I get a devastating stomachache. Kind of like the way love can make you sick sometimes but you incessantly return for me, err I mean more. Come to think of it, I think this song is about longing and love. And the candy wall is barricading the craver from the craving. Or is it the object of his craving? Is the candy wall a euphemism for a vagina? AAAH I DON’T KNOW.

Photo by Rick Rodney

ANYWAY, if you too want to feel these feelings, and for the inside of your mind to become an echoing medieval fortress garlanded with cascading black ivy (behind which my lovesick ghost would be residing), listen to TRUST. Oh and if you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan.

Jane Helpern

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