Let’s be honest: who HASN’T felt like a crackhead? Okay, a lot of people, probably, but not us (please see THIS), and definitely not FIDLAR, who has a song on their new EP (out today) Don’t Try about this very feeling. “No Waves” is a sweetly plaintive song about mixed emotions about partying (and about “perfect lefts”). In fact, almost all of FIDLAR’s songs are about partying (the desire to party, the ramifications of partying, metaphorical partying) and we like that about them. They are basically party philosophers, and they use their fuzzy garage punk to preach their message, which is mostly about fucking, getting fucked up, and generally not giving a fuck. Count us in.

You can get FIDLAR’s new EP on iTunes. Listen to “Black Out Stout” below:

(Words by Yasi)

We got in bed with FIDLAR to play Fuck, Marry, Kill. Here’s how it went down:

Fuck Marry Kill: FIDLAR from Cultist on Vimeo.