FIDLAR likes to have a good time. We don’t know this firsthand, per se, but we did hop in their bed during SXSW (not that like, perv) for an interview, and it was definitely a party (more on that later). We imagine everything FIDLAR does is a party. Trip to the laundromat: PARTY. Visit to the DMV: PARTY. Hitting the taco stand: FIESTA! (You get the picture). Basically we’re pretty sure they’re drunk all the time and they make music that sounds like a cake baked with blood, spit, and bong water (in a good way). You can listen to their unique brand of surf-punk HERE and you should also follow them on Twitter because they are amusing and also because we said so. And if they’re ever playing your town, you should put on your big boy (or girl) pants and go puke on their dance-floor. Because FUCK IT DOG, LIFE’S A RISK (is what their band name means not what I am yelling at you sorry okay bye).

Here is your very own FIDLAR gif, to have and to hold forever. Don’t say we never did nothing for you.

(photos by Rachey, words by Yasi, magic by Rockwell)