Everyone loves T&A. But as the saying goes, good looks can only get you so far. TREATS! Magazine is my newest naughty nudie obsession (yes this is a thing that I have) and it’s got not only beauty but the brains to back it up. The glossy quarterly is printed on over-sized 70 lb. matte stock and is the perfect addition to any coffee table collection. (There’s also a digital component. Support online magazines!) Not to sound like a total dude (when do I not?) but I swear I read it for the articles…

If you’ve ever fantasized about experiencing a 1920s Parisian drug-fueled sex party then this is the magazine for you. It boasts erotic pictorials (shot by the likes of Tony Duran), intellectual articles, and sexy fashion-y things we can’t really afford (but are willing to sacrifice food and shelter for). As Issue 3 prepares to hit very select newsstands in just a few weeks, we email-ambushed TREATS! editor Rob Hill (formerly of Giant and Hollywood Life) and asked him seven questions. (If you’re wondering, we chose the number 7 because of the 7 deadly sins. One being Gluttony. Gluttonous people have a weakness for treats. See where I’m going with this? Anyways…) Rob is probably currently shmoozing with Giselle on a private jet headed to some remote destination and sipping a fruity boozy beverage, but that’s why they make WiFi on airplanes. This is what he said to me in our email conversation.

Treats! Issue 3 is hot on the press as we speak. How will you treat yourself once the magazine finally hits the stands?
We are all going to Careyes, Mexico.
What’s your favorite treat to indulge in? Mine is cheese…
A Ramos Gin Fizz at Cole’s Sunday for brunch.
Is it terribly hard for you to stare at naked women all day? Have you become desensitized to the nude female form or does a particularly nice lady setup on set still do it for you?
Let me put it to you this way: The magazine goes up on the wall of my office, so for nearly 12 weeks that is my view, 8 hours a day.
I read that Hugh Hefner ordered three copies of Treats! for himself. If not the Hef, whose recognition would be the ultimate seal of approval for Treats!
Helmut Newton & Hunter S. Thompson (RIP).
Who is the sexiest woman in the world right now?
Hmm…Emily, TREATS! 3 cover girl. The world is about take notice.
Would you ever feature a nude woman over the age of fifty for Treats!
Ask the photo editor! Ha!
What are three magazines that you’d still pay full price for?
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