We have a lot of stuff to share with you from SXSW involving people far more interesting than ourselves, but we just got back last night at 1am after driving for 26 hours and we have about 1% of our will to live at the moment. So while you wait, here is what Cultist’s trip to SXSW was like, as told by my iPhone and its constantly dying battery:

We drove to Austin (like assholes).

This is what it looked like. For about 22 hours.

We arrived just in time to pretend to catch the end of the Allah-Las set at Spiderhouse Cafe. YOU GUYS WERE GREAT!

They played with The Growlers. This is their awesome tour bus.

We stayed with the Allahs and the very kind Nick Waterhouse et al on the first night. He gave us this tote to put our sadness in.

We came ready with our laminated Fuck Marry Kill flash cards. Videos to come.

We played with DZ Deathrays, but they’re Australian so we didn’t really understand anything they said.

We “got up”.

I found my soulmate.

We watched Charli XCX perform at the Yours Truly house and she was so good we got the chills. I also hugged her for an uncomfortably long time.

We watched the incredible Feeding People perform at the Innovative Leisure showcase. This chick RIPS and you will hear a lot about them soon.

Ran into my old friend Marc. He is very great and his band Her Space Holiday is currently on a hiatus (briefly I hope) but it is wonderful and you should go listen to it right now. I’ll hold.

We saw this guy too. It was not wag (AKA #NWAG). Hanni El Khatib 4Eva.

Spent some time with the unique Ben Rayner.

What? No I didn’t wrap up breakfast meat from Denny’s and put it in my purse for later.


We saw The Black Belles in front of their hotel and jumped out to take their photo (because we are creepy stalkers).

We got in bed with Fidlar.

How cool is Chelsea Wolfe‘s necklace? It’s by Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons and we want it (there were too many people around to poison her and steal it).

Our second favorite Australian band after Toto, Bleeding Knees Club.

Oh nothing, just made some custom Cultist Converse.

We formed a jean jacket gang with Eric from Tanlines.

We saw Skrillex and HOLY SHIT WE ARE OBSESSED.

On the (26 hour straight) car ride home we learned (after our phones and iPods all died) that the country only cares about 4 songs: “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson, “Young, Wild, And Free” by Wiz Khalifa, “Rumor Has It” by Adele, and literally anything by Katy Perry. Also, you can sleep in Starbucks.


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