Glaswegian darlings Veronica Falls make dreamy jangly music that makes you want to dance around and enjoy life like you’re in some movie where you are the character who experiences a GRAND REALIZATION and are forever changed from the dark-hearted curmudgeon you once were (it’s a good movie). We tapped them for our inaugural episode of the new Cultist video series Fuck Marry Kill, in which we present flashcards of our favorite past and present pop-culture icons and beg the life-altering question “Of these three specimens, who would you fuck, who would you marry, and who would you kill?”.  That’s right, we like to keep it really real here at Cultist HQ.

The super cute quartet did the Seinfeld round with us–check out their surprising answers about exactly who they would marry (I have to say I strongly disagree).

Watch below: