It’s no secret that we have a thing for Bleeding Knees Club. So maybe we get a little pedo when it comes to them (no Mary Kay Letourneau) but how could we not? They’re adorable, they make catchy awesome lo-fi garage punk, and they spend the rest of their time being hilarious on Twitter (this recent tweet is a personal favorite: “Circle of friends circles of friends fucking a man circle of friends circle of friends” BENNY I DIE FOR YOU). They also just made the BEST VIDEO EVER for their song “Nothing To Do”, and it’s some sort of Bill and Ted’s Australian Adventure meets The Lord of the Rings meets the greatest video game ever, and we are SO fucking into it. Also, is that my cell phone from college that I used to play Snake on? (I’m really old).

In order to explain what I mean, I put together this brilliant collage:

You can watch the video (which features animation from the dude that did The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horror” episode NO BIGS) below:

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