To say that I am obsessed with this new track by mysterious mystery band Rhye is an understatement. I am enamored. I am entranced. I want to spend three hours today building a shrine with bits of shell and gold leaf and vaguely religious candles for this song. I want to spend the evening with my head curled up in this song’s lap as it gently strokes my hair and caresses my cheek. I want this song to be transmogrified into a light Fall coat so I can wear it everywhere all the time.

Here is the song in collage form (I am a gifted artist):

As I listen to this song, many questions pop into my head. What angel is behind this voice? Why do I feel so floaty? How many times can I listen to this song before it becomes too many? Will anyone ever be a fool for my belly? What does this person want to stay open? Am I open? Is Chipotle open yet or is it too early? Have I ever been truly honest with someone I loved? Am I too cold and distant? No but really, when will Chipotle be open?

(Answers: No idea, the song is magic, infinity, maybe?, eyes/heart/Target?, probably not, yes, no, maybe, 11am at most locations).

Rhye recently signed to Innovative Leisure Records (because everything they do is awesome). They probably live in an enchanted forest but it must have wireless Internet because they have Twitter and Facebook. No details have been released about who they are but in my head they look like this:

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